Devotees of the Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple in Triplicane are up in arms against the laying of granite slabs in the temple. They will soon organise a marathon chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam urging the State government to remove the slabs. Devotees allege that the laying of granite and the construction of a shed in the temple prakaram has rendered the temple unsafe.

“When the granite was laid, a small paved culvert that drained the water in to the temple tank was closed. Due to the water stagnation, a few senior citizens slipped and fell,” said a devotee.

On Sunday, a meeting of devotees was organised to discuss the issue.

Former chief election commissioner N. Gopalasamy said, “We have 11 very hot months every year and during this time, the granite gets heated up and it becomes difficult to walk on them. ”

T. R. Ramesh president, Temple Worshipers Society, and general secretary (legal affairs) of Janata Party, pointed out that various properties belonging to the Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple properties were not utilised properly and extremely low rents were being collected. The HR&CE department, which has the responsibility to look after the properties of the temple was not doing so, he added.