Design solutions and technologies are sought to be transplanted from a different milieu and culture into India in the name of globalisation and modern architecture, said N. Murali, Senior Managing Director, Kasturi & Sons, here on Saturday.

Speaking at the graduation day programme of the MEASI Academy of Architecture, Mr. Murali said in an increasingly inter-connected world, globalisation had become a necessary concomitant. Architecture over hundreds of years had been rooted in the geographical, cultural and social ethos of countries.

However, the globalisation brought in its wake a trend that militates against this concept and the laws of nature. It was also a time when one witnessed the changed and expanding scenario of the architect's role – as designer, planner, conservationist, environmentalist, activist and a conscience keeper, he said.

Professional architects should remember that they were the custodians of a critical profession that affected others and the community in a big way and that common good could only be guaranteed by both individual and collective professional action and scrupulous adherence to a fair and healthy code of ethics.

N. Altaf Ahmed, Director of the Academy, said the institution offered specialised courses. A.M. Sachidhanandam, Dean, said the Academy had recruited 11 faculty members in the current year alone.