The Nursing Council has recommended the de-recognition of J.V. College of Nursing, for inadequate infrastructure and offering an unrecognised course for students.

The college had inadequate facilities for students and had offered a Diploma in Health Assistant (DHA) course, unrecognised, along with two recognised courses — a diploma in nursing and a degree in nursing. Following this, the Nursing Council has suspended further admissions to the college.

Students will be accommodated in other nursing colleges, if they so wish to be transferred, Director of Medical Education S. Vinayagam said. The final exam for a course will be held at the Government General Hospital on May 19, he added.

The fate of the students, who have taken the DHA course, is yet to be decided. Meanwhile, students of the college took to the street, on Monday, protesting the lack of facilities.

College authorities have promised to improve the infrastructure and facilities for students and submit once again for recognition.