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Senthil Kumar, Marketing professional turned Life trainer cum sosocial worker.   | Photo Credit: Photo: M.Karunakaran


“I want to create a transformation in society and also want to instil moral values in the youth, ” says Senthil Kumar, a marketing man from Porur. Popularly known as Azhagar Senthil, he is keen about turning the society more humane and considerate. Wherever he travels in the city he wants to motivate people to follow traffic rules, inculcate self-discipline and thereby build a better society.


Recently Azhagar Senthil was actively involved in conducting an awareness rally, in Porur and near by areas, about ill effects of using the mobile while on the move. Investing Rs. 25, 000 he prepared posters and placards. He invited nearly 200 students of nearby schools to participate in the rally.

He also invited interested individuals and members of Lions Club of Chennai Town to participate in the event. Children distributed pamphlets and also got feedback from vehicle and road users about the usefulness of the rally.

Mr. Senthil did not stop with this. He also did an interesting project with share auto drivers. The aim of the project is to make them realise some of their follies such as drunken driving, use of cell phone while driving, usage of filthy language with customers and signal jumping. “One cannot always point a finger at them about all these. Instead if they themselves hear about how these affect their customers it will help them to correct their mistakes,” felt Mr. Senthil. The project was done with the help of RTO and it was a success. “When the drivers listened to the feedback from customers many of them genuinely wanted to turn a new leaf,” said Mr. Senthil. He has put up posters near Kasi theatre and Udayam theatre about the dangers of using cell phones while driving. He has plans to put them in another area till March 10.

Future plans

“Shopkeepers do not give a fair price for their products. Some of them do not treat the customers properly. Their queries about the prices are not answered diligently. Result: Public are cheated. Either they do not get back a fair balance after the purchase or they do not get quality stuff for their money. This situation has to change. We have to dispel fear from the minds of the customers and instil it in the minds of the shopkeepers,” says Senthil. He wants to take it up on a large scale and has plans of organising campaigns and workshops towards this purpose.

If an individual strives to bring about a change in the society he has to catch them young. Nothing like training the right age-group under 14 and beyond. With this idea in mind Senthil talks to children of class X, XI and XII. He speaks to them about good behaviour and life style. He teaches them the importance of giving respect to teachers, parents and elders. Students who attended his classes have felt a real transformation. “I feel strengthened. His words have inspired me to overcome problems in life,” said a student.

He also trains Government officials, corporates and even the under-privileged, about positive thinking, handling problems at home and work place. People who have interacted with him say that his classes had them a totally different experience.

“We felt as though our burden have been lifted and tension relaxed. We are sure that the learning will be useful to mould our future.”

Senthil does not charge for Government schools. But it is not the case with corporates and private schools. He also conducts guest lectures. Senthil Kumar turned his focus on social service when he met a group of brahmakumaris giving demonstrations and lectures. He joined them and helped them to set up a centre at Porur. Later he joined the classes of Vedanta Maharishi. His spiritual path continued with various gurus.

Senthil is also well versed in reiki, pranic healing, mudras, astro numerology and palmistry. He can be contacted at 90928 00968. Email:

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