Green peas and beans being sold at Rs.130 and Rs.40 per kg

Many households have begun to cut down on garnishes as their prices have soared in recent weeks.

Coriander and curry leaves used to be thrown in free by vegetable vendors; not any more now as they cost as much as vegetables.

Traders at the Koyambedu wholesale market said that the cost of vegetables usually soars during summer owing to fewer arrivals. But, the vegetables are priced more this year as the market receives only 250 lorry loads of produce every day against the average of 350 lorries.

S. Chandran, a wholesale trader, said the price of greens, mint leaves and coriander leaves has gone up as these cannot be stocked unlike potato and onion. The market got only limited supplies from areas within a radius of 100 km. A small bunch of coriander leaves cost Rs.10- Rs.15.

Tomato is priced at Rs.25 a kg in the wholesale market and Rs.30-Rs.35 a kg in retail shops. Green peas and beans are some of the costly vegetables, sold at Rs.130 and Rs.40 per kg respectively.

Carrots, brinjals and lady's fingers are also priced between Rs.20 and Rs.30 a kg. Even cabbage, which is usually cheap, is being sold for Rs.7 per kg in the wholesale market. The price would remain high for two more months, he said. However, the cost of potato and onion remain stable at Rs.15 a kg in most retail shops.

N. Usha, a resident of K.K.Nagar, said a bunch of greens which was sold for Rs.4 four months ago now costs Rs.10. “I used to buy three coconuts for Rs.10 a few months ago. Now, I can buy only two for that price. I pay Rs.80 now for the same quantity of vegetables that I used to buy for Rs.30,” she said.


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