They will guide contractors on choosing the colour scheme, tiles, kind of fittings, furniture

Soon, students of Chennai Schools run by the Chennai Corporation will have an opportunity to study in brighter, colourful classrooms. Other buildings owned by the civic body, including hospitals, dispensaries, zonal offices and ward offices too, are in for a new look.

In an effort to bring more aesthetics and colour to the buildings of Chennai Corporation, the civic body has called for interior designers to empanel themselves with the civic body. The designers' help will be used to renovate existing buildings and give inputs to the designs of new ones. They will guide contractors on choosing the colour scheme, tiles, the kind of fittings and furniture to be used.

“The Chennai Corporation does a lot of new construction and renovation. But, we do not take much care about the colour combination of the paint or the tiles that are used. After spending so much money we find that the buildings are not very aesthetic. Considering the amount of money spent, we thought if we spend just a little more, it could bring a better look to our buildings,” said Corporation Commissioner P.W.C. Davidar.

In tenders that have been floated for white washing school buildings, the civic body has included a clause that the colour combination has to be just right. “Children will feel better with good colours. There have been instances of bathroom tiles being stuck on the stage. We want to change all that,” he added.

Vijay Bargotra, elevation architect and creative head of Faceliift, said a good colour solution will make the building come alive. “Classrooms should have light colours. Light should not be compromised in any way as every spot inside must have enough lighting. The wall opposite the windows must not be dark. A different colour could be added to the wall that has the board. That too must be soothing,” he said.

For the exteriors, Mr.Bargotra suggested that the buildings blend with those in the surrounding and not stand alone. “There will be children running around and placing their hands on the walls. If tiles are pasted for up to 7 feet from the ground, it is easier to maintain them.”


Deepa H. RamakrishnanJune 28, 2012

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