Success of a newspaper is its employees and their attitude towards the management: N. Ram

Although the newspaper industry is facing crisis, the challenges thrown up in the last one year could be faced with the cooperation of the workforce, N. Murali, Managing Director of The Hindu, said on Thursday.

Addressing the 53rd anniversary of The Hindu Office and National Press Employees’ Union here, Mr. Murali said the industry had not witnessed such a critical situation in the last 40 years. But The Hindu, he said, had scored a small victory in the face of competition.

But, there was no room for complacency. The competition, he noted, had not ended. He said he was confident of meeting the challenges successfully with the cooperation and support of the workers.

Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu N. Ram, while felicitating the union office-bearers, said it had been a period of success for the union, which had consolidated itself in the last 53 years. The achievement was due to its commitment to freedom and forward-looking attitude. The success of a newspaper was its employees and their attitude towards the management.

The secret of The Hindu union’s success, he said, was due to soft power based on mutual trust, friendship and firmness.

Asking the employees to cope with the challenge before them, Mr. Ram said: “We have to stand up and we should have the courage to say we can face it.” Stating that the country was somewhat well placed compared to other countries in the context of economic slowdown, he said there were talks of green shoots. The need was to work hard and consolidate.

M. Kamalanathan, general secretary of the union, thanked the management, which, he said, was generous in conceding the demands of workers.

He assured the management that the union would cooperate with it in meeting the challenge.

E. Gopal, president, said the friendship and cooperation of the union with the management would continue. He pointed out that The Hindu had not reduced the bonuses or other perquisites of the employees.

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