A month-long summer camp on waste management launched in Pammal.

It is not often that people step out of their homes to watch a street play in the evening hours. But on Thursday last, a good number of residents of Krishna Nagar in Pammal took a break from their regular chores to watch a street play.

Members of Mugavari, a resource team based in Tiruchi, performed a street play near Pillaiyar Temple in Krishna Nagar in Pammal Municipality on the importance of source segregation, converting kitchen waste into manure through composting, and segregating paper and plastic waste that can be recycled. Mugavari's activities include giving skill training to children, youth and adults alike.

 The street play is part of efforts by Exnora Green Pammal (EGP), with support from Pammal Municipality, to ensure that best solid waste management practices are followed. To achieve this, they have come together and initiated a month-long summer camp till the end of May.

Mugavari members, all of whom are graduates and specialising in various fields, are gold medal winners in their college and universities in their respective disciplines.

Team Members

Ramya, a post graduate from Loyola College, said that the team included Kubendran from the School of Dramatics, University of Pondicherry; his wife, Bhagya, a school teacher in Mailam in Villupuram District; Stephen, an instructor of traditional art forms; Rex, a post graduate in computer applications; Bhuvanesh, also a trained instructor of traditional arts; and Anand.

Mugavari has been reaching out to the community on issues relating to education, health and environment through street plays and other direct intervention programmes. In Pammal, they are assisting EGP and the Municipality to take the concept of source segregation, composting kitchen waste and segregation of paper, plastic and other recyclable waste separately.

 C.V. Elangovan, Municipal Chairman, told Downtown that street plays were staged in as many areas as possible to reach out to all sections.

During the event, bags would be distributed to all households and they would be encouraged to set aside recyclable waste.

Further, a note from Mangalam Balasubramanian of EGP said that the programme would encourage participation of children, who would be given a three-day training on creativity. Later, the children will undergo a 10-day workshop, where they will draw and paint pictures of parks, play-fields, and open spaces in and around Pammal.

 Residents of Krishna Nagar turned up in encouraging numbers to witness the street play. At the end of the play, many of them came up and applauded the performers for driving home the message of source segregation in a simple and entertaining manner. Many women volunteered to support the movement.

Children also seemed to be deeply involved in the mission of making Pammal green and clean. “It is our duty to make the environment safe,” said Vicky, a student of a Government school in Pammal.

Those who wish to support this campaign and replicate it in their respective areas, can contact Mangalam Balasubramanian at 94443 92970. Ramya of Mugavari can be reached at 97919 71056.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012