Out to cover a lawyers’ seminar, Sowmiya Ashok bumps into twin brothers Ram and Lakshman

You may wonder for a moment if you are suffering from double vision. You may even go to the extent of making an appointment with your ophthalmologist.

But look carefully and you will find that you are indeed looking at two different people who are identical in every possible way.

At a public meeting in Perumbur on Saturday, Ram serves cups of juice on a tray, while Lakshman supervises the catering. Or is it the other way round? Thus, the quotes in this story could have come from either one of them.

These twin brothers wearing white pants, a brown belt, a blue striped T-shirt, and a gold watch and other identical elements that are evident from the accompanying photograph, keep themselves busy catering to others’ needs. “We are social workers,” says Ram.

They even have identical purple combs in their back right pocket to set in place their flowing tresses. No points for guessing: the manes are also impossible to tell apart and are apparently not inspired by their love for a particular Tamil hero. “We always wear identical clothes and only work together,” says Lakshman. “If only one of us is offered work, we do not accept it.”

Born 35 years ago in Tondiarpet, the duo moved to Perumbur eight year ago after they became estranged from their family when their parents passed away. “Somebody keeps helping us out,” says Ram, adding that the brothers are sometimes lucky enough to find work when they are simply walking down the road.

They have even had a stint in Kollywood when they played a small part in the film Bale Pandiya, which released in September 2011. “The scene was quite simple. We walk in, carrying suitcases, and sit down in front of three people who ask us a bunch of funny questions,” he says.

This inseparable duo was rightly named ‘Aboorva Sagotharargal’ by a popular Tamil magazine.

Such is their bond that they even want to marry from the same family. “We will only marry sisters so we never get separated,” says Lakshman, quickly adding that the women need not be twins.


At WorkSeptember 24, 2010

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