The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has reconstituted the existing enforcement cell. It has created two divisions exclusively for issue of completion certificate and two more divisions for pursuing enforcement action. The present geographical jurisdiction of North division and Central division will be renamed as North-Central division. The South division will remain unaltered.

The decision follows the 46th meeting of the High Court-appointed Monitoring Committee last week. The committee had refused to completely agree with the reasons given by the CMDA for inaction on the enforcement front.

The committee also stressed the need for constitution of exclusive teams for enforcement action by CMDA and Chennai Corporation by delegation of powers to officials concerned. It also asked the CMDA and the Corporation to publicise the telephone numbers and email addresses of the officers.

The completion certificate wing will also be in charge of handling petitions received directly from residents or through the special cell of the Chief Minister. The enforcement action wing will handle locking and sealing, forfeiture of security deposit and demolitions as well.

The Corporation has also formed a new enforcement cell under the control of the city engineer to curb unauthorised constructions. Engineers of the cell will inspect the construction site and ensure follow-up action in the respective regions. They will also maintain a separate register for complaints and inspect construction sites.

Residents can contact the following officials for clarification on these numbers:

Deputy Planner C. Mohanraj (28414855; Ext.: 375) will be in charge of the completion certificate wing of North Central Division.

Deputy Planner S. Rudiramurthy (28414855 Ext.: 365) will be in charge of the enforcement action wing of South Division.

Deputy Planner R. Magudapathy (28414855 Ext.: 385) will be in charge of the enforcement action wing of North Central Division.

Complaints may be also mailed to

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