The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority will conduct a study to determine what projects can be initiated on the 50-metre wide space all along the 62.3-km of the Outer Ring Road.

According to sources, the space has been kept undeveloped for future requirements.

Of the 122 metres of right of way that has been acquired, 72 metres had been handed over to the Tamil Nadu Road Development Committee (TNRDC) for the road on either side. Apart from the road on either side, a 20 metre-wide space has been left in the middle for an elevated road or a rail project to provide connectivity to areas that are developing alongside.

The 30-km long first phase of the project is under construction from Vandalur in the south to Nemilichery and the financial bids are being scrutinised for phase II, which takes off at Nemilichery and ends at Minjur in the north.

According to sources, the study will look at the kind of associated infrastructure that can come up in the space. This includes the possibility of truck terminals and satellite bus terminals. The CMDA will float tenders for appointing a consultant for effective utilisation of this space.

The TNRDC, which is the managing associate for the project, has sought around 20 hectares of this land for construction of facilities including bus bays, truck terminals, junction improvement and way-side amenities including motels, public conveniences and shops.

“TNRDC’s requirement would also be studied by the consultant,” an official said. Earlier, the idea was to earmark this 50-metre wide space for commercial development under the public-private partnership mode. However, this was changed.

Planning experts said that this space must be kept vacant or trees that can be cut for paper-making must be planted to safeguard it. “Space once constructed upon cannot be retrieved. This land is for use after 20 years or so. A portion of it could be used even for road widening,” he said.

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