Question required students to fill bank challan; none attached

Class X students who wrote the Tamil II paper on Thursday, have been told they would be given marks for attempting a question over which some confusion prevailed.

While the five-mark question, asked them to fill a bank challan to deposit cash, no challan was attached.

A principal of a Matriculation school said they advised students to attempt the question, and draw the challan and fill in the details. “Since this is the first time students are writing the Board exams, some got a little anxious,” the principal said.

The director of government examinations, D. Vasundaradevi in an official release said hall invigilators were asked to instruct students to write the particulars to be filled in the challan in a numbered list in the answer sheet. Those evaluating the answer sheets have been given instructions, through key answers, to award five marks to students who have attempted the question, the release added.

S. Arikasudhan, said that since the question came in his revision papers and also the PTA question bank, he remembered the particulars and drew the challan. S. Sangeetha, a student of a government school said she finished her paper just in time, as she had to spend over 10 minutes on the question. "I drew whatever I remembered of the form and entered those details,” she said. “But, we have all attempted the question,” she said.

A HM said this was a frequently-asked question which students were familiar with. “When the question came in an earlier paper, the challan was printed in the question paper itself,” the HM said.

The release asked students not to get worried over the question.