Chennai Corporation invites bids for commissioning of music system in two months’ time

The Chennai Corporation will commission a music system in the 324 parks in the city in two months.

The civic body has invited bids from private entities to finalise the rates for commissioning of the equipment.

“Each of the parks requires equipment worth Rs. 50,000 for such a facility. The small amount will have a big impact on thousands of visitors to the parks,” said an official of the Chennai Corporation.

Some of the zones have already tried installation of music equipment following requests from morning walkers. But the equipment in some parks has been damaged now. “The new proposal is to commission good quality equipment for music, uniformly, across all parks,” said the official.

“Over 4,000 walkers visit My Ladye’s Park in my ward. The aspiration of each visitor is different. Some people want instrumental music, some want Tamil songs and some do not want music at all. So, the officials should get opinions from park visitors before implementing the new system,” said Kalarimuthu, councillor of ward 58.

The Corporation has decided to have a centralised agency to provide uniform, superior quality equipment in the parks.

“The installation of such equipment in parks with similar amenities will require improved security measures in parks. The issue of maintenance of the facility will also have to be sorted out,” an official said.

The Chennai Corporation has already decided to use the services of multinational companies to tackle maintenance problems plaguing the city’s parks. Currently, their maintenance is carried out by 15 zones of the civic body.

Under the proposed system, all aspects of maintenance will be the responsibility of the MNCs. The equipment will be selected for the system to suit such initiatives to be implemented in future.

Residents’ associations and walkers in each neighbourhood will be permitted to voice their opinion on the changes to the proposed system for music in parks.

The councillors of the 200 wards will play a role in incorporating the changes suggested by residents to the proposed system.

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