The Corporation’s park on Haddows Road will soon have an underground track for transporting blood samples from Apollo Hospitals to its laboratory.

The Corporation council is expected to approve the proposal for the underground track on Thursday.

In July, the council approved the proposal for construction of an overhead facility in the same park for the transfer of blood samples. The overhead facility was proposed to be built at a height of 20 metres to avoid any hindrance to park visitors.

Following a request from the hospital on November 14 for a change in the design of the facility, the civic body decided to permit the use of its land for the underground facility after levying a track rent.

As per the new design, specially-designed containers will carry blood samples through a conveyer belt that will pass through the underground tracks. The facility will be 15 cm wide with a 25-cm concrete cladding. The track rent for the facility will be based on norms for collection of track rent for optic fibre communication.

The original track rent for optic fibre communication was Rs. 9,400 per km. The Corporation council recommended an increased rent of Rs. 29,500 per km in June. The civic body will charge the hospital a track rent of Rs. 1.27 lakh.

The civic body has asked the hospital to take measures to prevent pollution to the environment because of the facility. The officials have also asked the hospital to ensure that the facility does not cause any disturbance to visitors of the park.

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