The facility will make operation theatres 99.9 per cent bacteria free

Ten operation theatre suites and an 85-bed intensive care unit were commissioned at MIOT Hospital, Manapakkam, on Saturday.

The facility, built at a cost of Rs. 50 crore, will make operation theatres 99.9 per cent bacteria free, said P.V.A. Mohandas, managing director of the hospital. “In a surgical ward, infection can be caused both by the patient and the surgeon or even the air circulating in the theatre. We have installed special air filters to make the air bacteria-free,” he said.

The risk of infection is high in immuno-compromised patients and those with diseases like diabetes. Dr. Mohandas said an important reason for failure of any treatment is infection. One million bacteria per square inch are needed to cause infection in a normal healthy tissue. But in procedures that require placing implants in the body, 1,000 bacteria are enough to produce an infection, he said.

The operation theatres have provided for ceiling pendants wherein equipment for anaesthesia and surgery are not in contact with the ground.

This provides for a dedicated floor space for clutter-free atmosphere inside the theatre, Dr. Mohandas said.

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