It was an occasion to delve into the works of the Bard of Avon as the Shakespeare Millennium Club celebrated his 450 birthday.

Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564, was said to have a vocabulary of 21,000 words and has to his credit 37 complete plays, three poems and 154 sonnets.

He died on the same day in 1616.

Popular phrases such as ‘cry over spilled milk’, ‘long and short of it’, ‘be all and end all’ and ‘bag and baggage’ originate with Shakespeare, club members pointed out.

The club has been meeting continuously on the 23 of every month since its inception in 2002. Last year, the club conducted an international seminar on Shakespeare Forever, said Jamuna Kalyani Sridharan, coordinator of the club.

“We are also looking at conducting a car rally and a fashion parade of Shakespeare’s costumes in collaboration with the National Institute of Fashion Technology,” she said.

“We are also thinking of getting endowments for instituting prizes for various competitions. We have got two so far,” she said. The meeting also marked the get-together of Presidency College alumni as many of them were members of the club.

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