The Chennai Corporation will install a total of 5,000 newly designed toilets in its 15 zones. The toilets will be constructed under public-private partnership mode and the rights of advertisement on the space available in such toilets will be made available to the private entity that sets up the toilet.

The contract is likely to be for 10 years. The civic body has started identifying locations where toilets are required in the city.

The spots are being identified based on inputs from residents of various localities. Commercial areas lacking in toilet facility are also being identified by the civic body’s officials for setting up the new structures.

The toilets will be made of high density polyethylene or polycarbonate sheets or equivalent material. The colour and design of the toilets will also aesthetically suit the environment in the city.

The Chennai Corporation has already constructed 714 toilets in the city but many are in a bad shape. The existing facilities will be replaced by the newly designed toilets.

According to a senior official of the civic body, the number of locations for installation of toilets is yet to be finalised. The request of residents or representatives of commercial establishments pertaining to the setting up of toilets will be taken into account.

The civic body will not accept request for setting up a toilet in pedestrian areas. Obstruction of footpath by the new toilets will not be allowed.

The civic body has decided to do away with the concept of dry toilets as it has been found unsuitable for the climatic conditions in Chennai.


Civic issues & HealthMay 14, 2012

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