Forecast predicts it may take a few more days for monsoon activity to revive over the city

The city had pleasant weather on Wednesday, with a sudden dip in temperature.

Though the day started off sunny, gusty winds that blew throughout, ensured somewhat chilly conditions.

The maximum temperature, which had hovered around 31 degree Celsius over the past few days, settled at 29.9 degree Celsius in Nungambakkam on Wednesday.

Officials of the meteorological department said that the wind sometimes picked up speed during the northeast monsoons when there was a difference between the land and sea breeze.

The lack of cloud cover also led to the drop in minimum temperature by two degrees below average, making it 23 degree Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday. This could also be one of the factors that led to the cooling. An official said that the development of a new system over the Bay of Bengal is being monitored by the department.

However, the city may not have rainfall for two or three days more.

Such a prolonged dry spell has prevailed during previous years too, generally after a cyclone has hit the Tamil Nadu coast. It may take a few more days for monsoon activity to revive over the city.

There have been days though, when the city has received more than seven cm of rainfall in 24 hours over the course of this month.

There may be isolated rainfall over some parts of the State. The department also forecast that the sky will be partly cloudy until Friday and the maximum and minimum temperature will be 31 and 21 degree Celsius respectively.

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