From overcoming fear of death to fighting obesity, paediatrician V.V. Varadharajan has dealt with an array of topics in his autobiography, ‘Naan-Maruthuvam-Mattravai,’ that was launched on Sunday.

“As a doctor, I see life and death every day. It becomes difficult to speak to families when aged persons die. But what is even more challenging is to deal with children and mentally prepare their parents when you know their health condition is deteriorating,” said Dr. Varadharajan.

The need to write his story struck the doctor about two years ago when he developed an urge to share his experiences.

“I have also expressed my views on how a lot of children these days shy away from pursuing a career in medicine due to the hardships involved, and also because it takes a long time to get returns,” said Dr. Varadharajan.

The medical profession is much more than what students think of it, he said.

Neonatal paediatrician Indira Raghupathy launched the book, published by Kannadasan Pathipagam, and paediatric nephrologist P.R. Nammazhwar received the first copy.

An English version of the book, titled ‘Me-Medicine-Miscellaneous,’ will also be released soon.

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