On Thursday, five-year-old Rohit Joush slipped into a bright pink gown, applied make-up to look like Cinderella and narrated ‘her’ story with élan.

He was not the only one. Several boys of Don Bosco School turned into Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Frog Prince, among other fairy-tale characters, and recounted their stories to their young peers.

The story-telling session was part of ‘The Egmore Book Fest’ organised by Don Bosco School on Thursday. Cheerfully walking into the book stall, Joush said, “Now, I’m here to buy a copy of Cinderella story book.”

After a series of complaints from parents on children’s obsession with television programmes and computer games, teachers at Don Bosco decided to start a ‘class teacher lending library’.

“In this programme, every 15 days, class teachers suggest books to children, give them time to read and ask them to come back with their observations on the book,” said John Alexander, rector and correspondent of the school.

The culmination of the programme is the book festival, he said. “Reading not only improves vocabulary and intelligence in children but also hones lateral thinking,” he said.

Bosco Yovan, a class III student of the school, said he just finished ‘The Flying Trunk’ by Hans Christian Andersen. “I don’t think I quite liked the book. But ‘Goosebumps’ that I recently read was wonderful. I try and make time to read books every weekend,” he said.

The Egmore Book Fest will be on till Friday.

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