The Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, R.K. Agrawal, on Friday handed over a cheque for Rs.64.54 lakh as compensation, to the family of a road accident victim.

Sridevi (38) of Arumbakkam was working as an assistant headmistress in a school. She was injured when a lorry hit her while she was going on a two-wheeler in July 2004.

Her claim was settled at a mega lok adalat a few days ago. She was brought to the court premises in a wheeled stretcher. The Chief Justice handed over the cheque to Bama Devi, the victim’s sister. The claim was settled by United India Insurance.

Justices N. Paul Vasanthakumar, R. Sudhakar and Pushpa Sathyanarayana, High Court Judges, and K.B. Vijay Srinivas, Deputy General Manager, and R. Shanthi, manager of the insurance company were among those present when the cheque was given to the family.

Bama Devi told newspersons that because of the accident and the medical expenditure, both she and her brother had to remain single. Her father got voluntary retirement to use the benefts for his daughter.

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