Chennai will experience sultry weather over the next couple of days because of the dry westerly winds

A brief spell of showers in some parts of the city, late on Monday, helped to lower temperatures, bringing temporary relief to residents.

However, despite a drop in temperatures in Chennai, the sultry weather will continue over the next few days, says the meteorological department.

On Monday, Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam recorded maximum daytime temperatures of 34.6 degrees Celsius and 35.8 degrees Celsius, respectively — three degrees below the normal temperature for June.

Residents of suburbs say they have to endure more heat as they are away from the coast. A. Selvam, resident of Avadi, says driving down Chennai-Tiruvallur High Road, which does not have much tree cover, is unbearable owing to the weather, which is quite humid for June.

Officials of the meteorological department say they receive several calls from residents about the sultry weather. Once the southwest monsoon sets in over neighbouring States, Chennai may enjoy some relief from the stifling weather.

S.B. Thampi, deputy director-general of meteorology, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, says, “The monsoon has advanced over the Andaman Sea. We expect it to set in over Kerala between June 5 and 9. Normally, the monsoon sets in by June 1.”

Officials say until then, interior parts of Tamil Nadu may receive some rains owing to the convective activity.

S.R. Ramanan, director of Area Cyclone Warning Centre, says Chennai will experience sultry weather over the next couple of days because of the dry westerly winds.

“High humidity levels (close to 75 per cent), clear skies and delay in onset of sea breeze leads to such weather. Temperature begins to peak after 10.30 a.m. if the sea breeze doesn’t set in by then. Sometimes, hot days spill over to June too,” he says.

The meteorological department forecasts the maximum temperature in the city will hover around 36 degrees Celsius, till Wednesday.

The lack of rains until now, and the humid weather have also led to a rise in the price of some vegetables in the city, say residents.

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