Actor Kamal Haasan responds to queries posted to him via our twitter account

Iconic actor and film-maker Kamal Haasan, who spoke to The Hindu about his visit to the Cannes Film Festival last month as part of a trade delegation in a wide-ranging interview, took some questions asked by our readers through our Twitter handle @ChennaiConnect.

Following are some of the questions and the answers given by Mr. Haasan.

From Anand Sethuraman (@AnandTheJamist): Will Kamal ever write a book on cinema?

Answer: Yes. Mr. Hariharan is having a conversation with me. It’s not about my life, but it is about how I learnt the craft and my influences. It’s not about my joys, pleasures and ailments. (Mr. Hariharan is a noted film-maker.)

Q from @_MithSi: Why is Kamal Haasan drawn towards duality? All his movies have references to it – example Uttama Villain or Appu Raja.

A: He has to listen to Adi Shankara more. Within all this duality, you can find advaita. When you say, I am a person, you are so many other persons too.

Q from @shankar2492 and @BeingRuk: When will Marudhanayagam be made?

A: Even I want to know when it will happen. Unfortunately, I won’t get the budget from local producers here. It is not a local film, but a film to be made in three languages — Tamil, French and English. But, it can be revived any moment.

Q from many readers: When will Vishwaroopam 2 and Uttama Villain release?

A: For the first time in 20 years, I have two films almost ready to release at the same time. The post-production work in Vishwaroopam 2 is nearing completion.

Q from @_alan_j_s: Do you have any plans to remake ‘Rathakaneer’, the yesteryear classic?

A: The disease has changed — so may be with different disease. That disease is now curable. So, perhaps Rathakaneer with AIDS?

Q from many readers: What happened to your project with Hollywood producer Barry Osbourne?

A: We are going slow for now. I am busy with my projects. But it will happen in course of time.

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