L. Sanjan’s world revolves around words. Nouns, verbs and prepositions fascinate him.

Perhaps, that’s why this seven-year-old breezed through four oral and seven written rounds to win the National Championship in Category I, and the ‘Star Speller’ and ‘Best Performer’ awards at the MaRRS International Spelling Bee held at Faridabad in April.

Sanjan, with terrific enthusiasm, recounts his experience at the event. “You know, it is the ‘Spell It’ round I quite enjoyed. I spelt 47 out of 50 words right. It was the ‘chateau’ word that knocked me out. I knew it was different from the word ‘shadow’, but I didn’t know its spelling or meaning. Nevertheless, it was fun,” says the student of Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram.

Asked if he was ever nervous during the competition, he says, “I was neither tense nor tired. I was just waiting for the prize!”

He admits that he is completely enchanted by the language. “You know what I like the most about going to school? It is English lab sessions. We have something exciting to do during all sessions. And since I’m regular to school, I have also got the award for holding the maximum attendance,” he says with pride.

Like his father, C. Lenin, Sanjan wants to become a doctor, an orthopaedician to be specific.

“It is quite interesting to see what my dad does. Hence, the decision to pursue medicine,” he says.

He is also a voracious reader and is interested in art. “He has also got awards in drawing competitions and won an interschool competition in Bhagawad Gita. He is very articulate and speaks his mind always,” says his mother, N. Anuja, a professor at Savitha Dental College.

Now, he is all set to compete in the International Championship scheduled to take place in two months. “I just take it easy and prepare at my own pace. I think it will be fun,” he says with a smile.

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