Chennai Adoption Drive (CAD) is back with its regular event featuring adorable pups, kittens and adult animals for free adoption this Sunday. Families who have adopted at CAD events are now passionate spokespersons for the group. Says Radha Phukan who adopted her Indian kittens from a CAD event two months ago – “We adopted two sisters so they would have each other for company. CAD took a lot of care to give us instructions on what to do, and followed up on the pets”. Radha is delighted with her new family members and is hopeful for more such stories at the upcoming drive. “A lot of people want Persian cats and pedigree dogs. Indian animals are equally cute and need love, support and care”, she says.

Srimathi Vathsangam, a volunteer, says that adoption events like this help both pedigree and Indian animals. “Indian dogs are the best for our conditions. They are intelligent, adjusting and easy to toilet train. They’re very clean with no health problems and have a great temperament. But if you are particular about pedigree dogs, adopt them – don’t buy them!”

Srimathi encourages people to open their homes to abandoned pedigree dogs and elaborates on why the pet trade is bad for animals, referring to a pug she rescued from a breeder. “He had been used for mating 20 times in two years. I’ve heard breeders talk of the dog like it’s a commodity. The dogs are often used as machines, in pathetic conditions. This pug had liver and skin problems and had never seen sunlight. When he came out for walks, he was so frightened because he didn’t know what it was to be taken for a walk”. Her favourite success story is Casper, a pedigree dog that was found on the street and later adopted by a loving home. “The owner’s mother says that her blood pressure has come down since they adopted him”.

Nirmiti Prassi who brought a homeless pup to CAD last month recalls the joy she felt when the pup found a home. “The family that adopted her has never had dogs before and they’ve turned their lives around for her. Honey has gone to a house where she’s treated like a princess”.

The Chennai Adoption Drive is on Sunday, Dec 2 at 78/1, McNichols Road, Chetpet between 10 am and 3 pm. Address and ID proof are mandatory for adoption. Call 8939311148 for more info.