While discrepancies between figures given by government (Information and Broadcasting Ministry) and cable operators have emerged an area of concern, both parties do agree that Chennai’s preparation for digitisation has been lagging behind.

On a comparative scale, going by I&B updated figures for October 30, 2012, Chennai’s performance puts it at the bottom of the list. In terms of achievement of digitisation of cable TV homes, Chennai has notched 62 per cent. Along with DTH, it has achieved 86 per cent.

Mumbai, on the other hand, has exceeded expectations, with 114 per cent in Cable TV performance and 110 per cent counting DTH penetration also.

Capital city Delhi is second on the table with 92 per cent cable, and 95 per cent with DTH presence. Kolkata is third on the list, with 82 per cent digitising of cable TV and 85 per cent along with DTH penetration.

Chennai, with DTH (estimated at 7.10 lakh subscribers), according to the I and B Ministry’s stance, is at 86 per cent. However, counting only cable digitisation, it is as low as 62 per cent. However, according to the Central government, only 1.58 lakh cable TV set top boxes need to be installed.


DAS deadline extended to November 19November 10, 2012

DAS deadline extended November 6, 2012

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