Many dogs and cats are abandoned by their families when the signs of age (such as slower reflexes, health conditions etc) begin to show. These animals are grief-stricken when given away, and face a grim fate on the streets or in animal shelters. Meanwhile, their owners miss out on the unique love that only an older pet can give them.

Last year, Murali Anand and his wife Jennifer adopted a homeless dog that appeared to be nearly 12 years old. The dog (now renamed Clint) is lame and blind in one eye. “A companion animal is part of your family — and not just when he is young and lively. He needs attention and love as he gets older, just like people do,” says Jennifer.

Rudra Krishna who dotes over his 14-year-old dog Rocky echoes this view. “Repay the love that your pet has given you over a lifetime, instead of abandoning a family member when it becomes a little inconvenient,” he says.

Jennifer and Murali put Clint’s picture in their annual fundraising calendar (as part of the Chennai Adoption Drive) and the couple sums up the joy that the old dog gives the family — “He is the perfect picture of serenity.”

Found This German Shepherd (female) was found in T. Nagar on January 1. If you are the owner, call 9841022214

Lost This one-year-old female Indian dog went missing from Landons Road, Kilpauk. She was wearing a red collar and responds to the name Prema. If spotted, please confine her and call her worried family at 26413027

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Towards a world with no homeless petsFebruary 5, 2013