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A fine life

Caught twice in quick succession for parking in prohibited spaces, I got a sense of how frustrated the police are with their fancy handheld digital machines that spew out challans. As the policemen took what seemed forever to type out the relevant inputs with their styluses, they grumbled about how inconvenient and time consuming the machines were. The small size of the screen was a big issue with them. Said one policeman, “If I forget to bring my spectacles, then I’ve had it.”

Show stopper?

When I tell people shows don’t begin without me they don’t believe me. Here’s an instance. I had to interview a singer just before her show. After the interview at the hotel lobby, the singer hopped into her plush car to be driven to the venue, while I waited at the crowded portico for my car. Minutes later just as I was about to get into it, a flushed, panic-stricken organiser rushed to me and whispered, “Madam we need your help.” Assuming it was about coverage for the show I asked him what it was about. He stammered, “The show is scheduled to begin in 20 minutes but we forgot to arrange a vehicle for the opening singer and his musician. If you don’t mind can you take them in your car?” The next thing I knew the boot of the car was full of tablas and other music instruments and the backseat had the singer and his musicians practising for the opening act.

Laugh riot

This reporter was at a play, furiously taking down reactions by the audience. There was some well-timed comedy, to which the audience burst out in loud guffaws. A little girl, who was sitting next to her mother, was silent all this while. And just as the play took a serious turn, and a romance was turning sour, there was a solitary high-pitched giggle in the room; the little girl, who had been tickled by her mother, was lost in a fit of loud giggles.

Shot at fame

Overheard in a plush hotel lobby. Two men in demure suits were watching their flamboyant boss pose for a photo shoot. As he struck a particularly memorable pose, against a grand table, Suit One turned to Suit Two and whispered, “I've always wanted a profile picture of myself like that. Let’s find a camera and take one this evening.” Facebook! It makes super models of us all.


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