Demands setting up of effluent treatment plants in Saidapet and Villivakkam

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has written to the Chennai Corporation asking it to establish effluent treatment plants (ETPs) at its abattoirs in Saidapet and Villivakkam.

Sources in the Board said that letter was sent after a site inspection by its engineers who found that the EPTs had not been installed and untreated sewage containing blood and other material was being let into water bodies. They had also lifted samples from the sewer lines and water bodies.

The Board had earlier directed the civic body to establish ETPs to prevent pollution of these water bodies.

“At Villivakkam, the waste is flowing into the Villivakkam Canal and at Saidapet, into the Adyar river, which cannot be permitted. We have asked them to revamp the entire drainage system and connect them to ETPs,” a source explained.

The TNPCB has also insisted that the modern abattoir in Pulianthope, which has been shut for over three years, commence operation. “While there are facilities for treatment in the new structure, the untreated sewage from an old abattoir is still being let into the Buckingham Canal,” said the source.

New model of ETP

Official sources in the Chennai Corporation said that they were planning to set up ETPs that will help generate gas.

“Instead of just treating and letting out the water, we are looking at the design of a facility that can digest the organic content so that there will not be any pollution. We will also have to get the design approved by the TNPCB. Since the code of conduct is in place for elections, we were unable to bid for consultants. Once that is over, necessary steps will be taken,” said a source.