Every time P. Chitra, a resident of Madhavaram, steps out to go to a nearby shop, she has to carefully plan her walk to navigate around the bumps and potholes on the Bazaar Street stretch.

“The road has been in this state for a long time. With heavy vehicles constantly using this stretch, even crossing becomes tough,” she said.

Many residents said that despite patchwork, there has been little improvement to the condition of Bazaar Street, which is part of the Madhavaram-Red Hills High Road. The condition has, in fact, worsened in the last three to four months. Currently, work is on to construct stormwater drains in various parts of Madhavaram.

“The work has been completed on a segment of Bazaar Street. Officials said that all the roads will be laid only after the entire stormwater drain network has been completed,” said D. Babu, a shopkeeper.

Recent light showers have turned the stretch slushy. “The potholes are filled with water. Water also leaks constantly from a pipeline that runs through the stretch,” another shopkeeper noted.

V. Shivakumar, a motorist, said commuters found it difficult to ride over the bumps and potholes. “So, many of us prefer to use the roadsides to avoid the potholes. This causes inconvenience to pedestrians,” he said.

An official of Chennai Corporation said several road works were in the pipeline and this stretch will also be taken up.