The department of urology of Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GH) has introduced advanced equipment for treatment of patients with renal stones.

It has procured a Holmium laser, flexible utereroscopy (URS) and harmonic scalpel. The department has also added a high-definition C arm instrument to its operation theatre.

“With the Holmium laser, we can break renal stones measuring 6 mm to 8 mm located in the upper, middle or lower portion of kidneys. This involves a minimally invasive procedure. It can also be used in removing residual stones after an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy,” R. Jeyaraman, professor and head, department of urology, said.

While the flexible URS is an endoscope through which the laser will pass, harmonic scalpel is used in sealing the blood vessels, paving way for bloodless laparoscopic surgeries.

“The C arm is like the third eye for an urologist in the operation theatre. It is an X-ray imaging system used for endourological procedures. If we are using the flexi URS, we can locate the direction of the scope using the C arm, and also locate the stones,” Dr. Jeyaraman explained.

He added that the department was now complete in terms of urological equipment for treatment of renal stones. The instruments were purchased with funds from the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme at a total cost of Rs. 80 lakh.

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