Indian culture is thousands of years old, but the values of ‘rishis’ are still applicable in today’s world.

Preserving forests, ecology, sustaining our environment, promoting patriotism and respecting our women and teachers are all values that are being emphasised in today’s world, said eminent dancer Padma Subrahmanyam.

There are a number of spiritual organisations that focus on service. The work of these organisations has touched crores of people. The Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair has been organised for the past six years to highlight the services of these organisations to society, she said at the inauguration of the 6 Annual Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair at Sri Ramachandra Medical University grounds in Tiruvanmiyur on Tuesday.

Since it is important to impart values and inculcate the service motive in students, the Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation has been encouraging schools to participate in the fair, said S. Gurumurthy, chartered accountant and organiser of the fair.

The fair is open until July 14 from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m., and has a number of stalls showcasing different spiritual organisations.

It was inaugurated by Kanchi Mutt senior pontiff Jayendra Saraswathi, director of Tibet House in New Delhi Geshe Dorji Damdul, Jain Samani Pramukha Samani Shreenidhi and president of All India Pingalwara Charitable Society, Inderjit Kaur.