An incomplete road and traffic snarls caused by two schools worry residents

Residents, parents and school students taking the Nowroji Road stretch in Chetpet are asking one question: When will this road be black-topped? It has to be answered by the Corporation.

Two years ago, a stretch of Nowroji Road, opposite Union Christian School, was dug up for storm water drain work. It took months for the work to be completed. But the roads were again dug up for some other infrastructure work. All this has left the road dusty and unmotorable and choked with traffic.

Two schools are located in this residential area. “Every time an infrastructure work is undertaken for EB or SWD, the road is left unpaved,” says Trinkle Brewart, a teacher at Sindhi Matriculation School.

The major of the footpath on the road is damaged. When it rains, pedestrians find it even harder to walk down the road. “A couple of our teachers’ shoes got stuck in the clay soil,” says Trinkle.

During school hours, the road is clogged with vehicles. Parents say if the footpath was at least laid, then students would have space to walk. However, residents in the locality say it is the responsibility of the school to provide parking space for vehicles owned by parents of the school.

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