Commuters continue to suffer as the work on escalators at Tambaram station comes to a standstill. And it is unlikely to be completed in the near future, says K. Manikandan

Overshooting its scheduled date of completion by three months, work on the escalators at East and West sides of Tambaram railway station has now come to a standstill. The preliminary work began in the first week of April and officials said it would be completed by the end of June.

However, the project seems unlikely to be completed anytime in the near future. The escalators cost around Rs. 1 crore each and was designed in such a manner that commuters could easily reach platform No. 1 from the foot over bridge and exit quickly towards the pedestrian subway connecting Grand Southern Trunk to subsequently board city buses.

While Southern Railway officials did not respond to calls to enquire the cause for the delay, sources maintained that the work was progressing at a very brisk pace and came to a halt all of a sudden a fortnight ago.

They said work on would be completed first on the eastern side, before it is resumed on the Western end.

The escalators would be a big boon to senior citizens and commuters arriving at Tambaram in the morning hours by long distance trains from Southern districts and other express trains from as far as Nizamuddin and Howrah.

“This is such a simple work. Unlike other projects, there no land acquisition issue is involved. All that the Southern Railway has to do is construct the pillars and place the escalator. It is really sad that work is being delayed,” said V. Prabharakar a commuter from Perungalathur.

Commuters recalled that the modernisation and improvement works at Tambaram railway station were completed a few years ago but still a lot of ongoing works that could changethe face of the railway station were suffering delays. For instance, gauge conversion at platforms 3 and 4 and creation of Tambaram as a coaching terminal, announced many years ago, were among the delayed projects, commuters pointed out.

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