Uthra Ravikanth Yudhvir’s Sinful Temptations has taken the cupcake business by storm. That she is new in the business (four-month old) has not deterred her from competing with big names in her field. She has taken an order for 200 cupcakes and 1500 chocolates.

Many of her customers have become regular visitors after tasting her creation, which include cupcakes and cakes with flavours ranging from red velvet to chocolate and vanilla.

Uthra says right from buying and sourcing the ingredients to making the final product she does by herself.

Going back on how it all started, she says, baking has always been her hobby and while studying Masters at Manchester University she tested her hands at cake making, which yielded excellent results.

Her vanilla icing cupcake is testimony enough for popularity of her creation.

Fondant cakes are also very popular (cost upto Rs.1500 per kg). She took special training from Naveena Thangadorai at a recently conducted workshop for it. You-tube videos have been her main source of learning.

For Christmas, she has a whole range of goodies including plum cakes, coffee cake, candy cake cookies, chocolate truffle, pecan bites and brownies.

Uthra says, ingredients had to be sourced from abroad but are now available in the city. “The rising costs of products has made cupcake-making a costly affair.”

Come what may she does justice to orders taken up. “Recently there was a complete power shutdown and I had promised to deliver to a client that evening. I made an alternative arrangement where I shifted the supplies and delivered the order on time.” For placing orders, call 8939254425.

With a dream launch at Pizza Republic, Taramani, Sweet Story has got it all right from the start. Chestha Mallik and her husband decided to share their love for food and thus began the bakery. Having learnt from chefs while on travel, Chestha’s interest in food seems to be never ending. At their bakery, chocolates are the main focus and the ‘mirchi infused’ chocolate is a best seller.

Filled or flavoured caramel, berry, marzipan, coconut ganache are few items on the menu. She refuses to compromise on quality. Not wanting to compete with big players in the market, she says the CFG event launch has been a dream platform and the response has been overwhelming with orders poring in. Self-taught to a large extent, Chestha is proud on how her creations have been received.

Customisable to a large extent they make hampers to suit tastes and preferences. They are not looking at a mass market yet and are very happy to satisfy the niche market. From toppings on the chocolate to putting them in a box and wrapping them, Chestha does it herself. Yo potato has been roped in to deliver across the city and the clients can also pick up their orders from her residence.

For placing orders, call 98405 99101.

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