Vehicles coming from Dr. Ambedkar College Road avoid broken speed-breaker, increasing accident risk, reports T.S. Atul Swaminathan

Stephenson Road in Perambur needs attention. A synthetic speed-breaker that is broken has to be re-laid to avert accidents. Vehicles which come from Dr. Ambedkar College Road, Pulianthope, and are headed towards Cooks Road and Perambur High Road, Perambur, swerve right to avoid the broken speed-breaker, much to the dismay of vehicle users coming from the opposite direction. As Stephenson Road is relatively free, vehicles come at high-speeds throwing caution to the wind.

“I slow down my vehicle 100 metres before the speed breaker to avoid a head-on collision and then proceed,” R. Gopal, a resident of Perambur, said.

There is a pothole on the left-middle side of Stephenson Road (towards Dr. Ambedkar College Road). Vehicles coming from Cooks Road and Perambur High Road take a sudden left or right turn to avoid the pothole, which may lead to accidents with vehicles coming from Pulianthope. “Even cyclists take a sharp right turn,” said S. Mary Elizabeth, a resident of Paper Mills Road. When contacted Chennai Traffic Police, they said they had sent a letter to higher officials requesting them to re-lay the speed-breaker. In a week’s time, a synthetic speed-breaker would be in place, they added.

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