The Federation of Adyar Residents’ Association has come up with certain guidelines to be considered by the Chennai Corporation while laying concrete roads in Adyar. This development comes at a time when concrete road laying works are expected to carried out in Adyar.

In a letter addressed to the Corporation, the Association has requested the civic body to lay ducts for essential utilities like water, sewerage, and telephones, before the work commences.

“The utility lines are located at different levels. The duct workers have to be careful with the utility lines. The question is whether the utility agencies have a common integrated design that would allow for quick modifications, whenever necessary. Many of the service lines in Adyar, one of the old residential areas in the city, were laid 35 years ago, and need to be repaired. The faults occur as a result of defects and overload. The question is whether the essential services would be restored in a matter of few hours,” the letter read.

“There is no doubt that concrete roads are more durable than bitumen roads, provided they are laid properly, and the required road duct system is built in to accommodate the essential utilities. The above mentioned utilities should be taken care of. If this is not possible, it is better to lay bitumen roads,” the letter pointed out.

The Federation has criticised the way the new walkers way has been laid in Adyar. “The walkers path has not been laid uniformly and is encroached by hawkers, electricity board junction boxes and transformers. At some places, commercial establishments use the footpaths as a parking slot. The debris from the work on the walker’s path is dumped on the road. The Association has submitted several representations to the civic body in this regard, but no action has been taken by the authorities concerned,” C. Ramakrishnan, Secretary, FEDERA, said.