Residents and traders complain that pavements are rarely used because they are built too high

The footpaths on M.G.R. Road, Hindu Colony, Nanganallur, are constructed at such a height that people find it difficult to get on to the pavements. “The pavements have been constructed higher than the stipulated height mentioned in the guidelines of Indian Roads Congress (IRC). Moreover, the walking trail has blocked the pathway of the houses. We park our vehicles on the road and seniorcitizens find difficult to come out of their residences,” R. Mukundan, a resident of M. G. R. Road, said.

Residents and the traders say walkways are so high that pedestrians rarely use them. Adding to this, the pavements block the parking space, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

“The height of the pavements should be reduced. The footpaths is primarily for the use of pedestrians,” R.S. Krishnan, a resident said.

Not only senior citizens, but also children and women find it difficult to climb the footpaths up and down the road. Not a single day passes without a senior citizen falling while climbing on to the pavements.

“We have given written complaints to the authorities concerned to reduce the height of the pavements. The problem persists for the past six months.

The civic body must take steps to reduce the height of the pavements in the interest of the general public,” A. Padmanabhan, another resident, said.

An elected representative said: The footpaths have been constructed as per the guidelines of the Chennai Corporation.

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