Officials assure that stormwater drains will be in place, wherever the pipe laying work is over.

A problem plaguing the residents of Pudhur, Ambattur, has failed to attract the attention of elected representatives and officials of the Chennai Corporation.

Several residents have constructed a ‘soak pit’ in front of their houses and have been letting out the domestic waste water into it for years.

This water often overflows on the streets, posing danger to motorists and creates health hazards for the residents.

Another problem, environmentalists point out is that the groundwater quality has deteriorated in Pudhur and surrounding localities. Despite the presence of storm water drains on the main thoroughfares, the area still lacks one in the interior streets. A trader on Pudhur Main Road complains:

“Elected representatives visit the interior streets rarely that too only when there is an absolute necessity. This has encouraged the residents to misuse the road space for construction of soak pits of different dimensions.” Some have used concrete pre-structures. When the pits get filled, they use a motor to let the water in to the streets or into storm water drains, whichever is convenient.

One of the residents of Thiruvalluvar Street, Pudhur, says the problem is not unique to Pudhur. Neighbouring lanes and by-lanes do not have stormwater drains, hence the public let the waste water on Thiruvalluvar Street. Several residents have complained about improper sewage network or lack of storm water drains in the neighbourhood.

This condition has led to water stagnation and pollution of groundwater in turn. “If the situation continues, our children are bound to be affected by infectious diseases,” voice out the residents.

Another resident of Banu Nagar pointed out that this problem exists in many parts of Ambattur and adjoining areas.

Whenever there is a frenzied situation, the elected representative or officials arrive with a temporary solution. Instead, they should initiate stringent action against those who have constructed such pits on the road margins. He said that he had constructed a soak pit inside his compound for letting out domestic waste water, while the sewage water alone goes in to the septic tank.

But, in some areas people ignoring the alarms raised by their neighbours, let the waste water used by six or seven families living in the same compound on the street itself.

Elected representatives of Chennai Corporation brushed aside the issue saying allegations stating that these problems would be solved on the completion of underground drainage scheme executed by Chennai Metrowater. However, they assured that storm water drains would be in place for the remaining areas wherever the pipe laying work is over.

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