Overflowing with sewage, strewn with garbage and taken over by tipplers, Guild Street has many problems that remain unattended for years, reports T.S. Atul Swaminathan

Throughout the year, Guild Street in T. Nagar is inundated with sewage. Leftovers and garbage from food outlets on Madley Road and Natesan Street and non-degradable waste from commercial establishments on Ranganathan Street could also be found strewn across the street.

Residents said that pedestrians took a detour through South Usman Road to reach Madley Road from Natesan Street and vice versa, to spare themselves a trip through Guild Street.

They added that they had made several representations to the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) about this problem, prevalent for many years, but no action had been taken so far.

“The stench is unbearable. The street has become fertile ground for mosquitoes to breed,” said a staff of an educational institution, who wished to remain anonymous. With no option but to walk through stagnant sewage, pedestrians are exposed to a number of skin ailments.

To make things worse, there is a wine shop on the stretch. Tipplers throw the leftovers and relieve themselves on pavements and pick up fights with each other, pedestrians said.

People are upset that government departments have not taken any step to shift the wine shop, which is diagonally opposite to two educational institutions. When contacted, CMWSSB officials said that they will look into the problem and rectify it at the earliest.