Residents have no option but to walk on to slushy road, seek quick intervention by traffic police

Residents of VGN Shanthi Nagar, Ambattur, have made an appeal to the Traffic Police regarding parking of heavy vehicles in the area. They said trucks are parked at the two entrances of the colony and block the road.

Workers load and unload materials on the pathway for hours.

Then, those driving four-wheelers are unable to take a detour because of the condition of the sidewalk. Residents said that as this area branched off from the arterial Chennai Tiruvallur High Road, it fell in the commercial zone. Therefore, there was lack of clarity about who to approach to curb this menace.

The situation is the same on Thirumangalam Ambattur Industrial Estate Road in Anna Nagar West where vehicles are parked on the road near Officer’s Colony Main Road.

A resident of Officers Colony said this had led to many accidents.

“At least 30 per cent of the space is occupied by parked vehicles on several roads.

The problem is also rampant in KSR Nagar-Mahavir Garden Road in Ambattur. Pedestrians do not have an option but to walk on the slushy road. Police should take stern action against roadside parking,” said R. M. Krishnan, a road safety campaigner in Krishna Nagar, Ambattur.

Other issues

Other issues worrying residents of VGN Shanthi Nagar are poor functioning of street lamps and absence of footpaths.

Residents said that unless the Traffic Police initiated stern action, the situation would only get worse.

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