As one reaches 80 memories is said to fade and capabilities slowly decline but here is an octogenarian who has overcome such age related problems. His positive ideals have charged his aging brain and has resulted in an invention - Endless Calendar - instead.

N. Ramachandran Pillai is basically an astrologer, residing at West Saidpet. He names his invention as ‘Sadam Sahaptham’ or ‘Mudivilla Nalkatti’ in Tamil. “Starting from the very first century to infinite years ahead, one can find out the day of that particular year,” he explains. He has designed three different calendars called formula I, II and III, one with the date, other with the year, and another with the combination of year and month.

According to his research there are seven types of years in a century including the leap years. Up to 700 years every 100 year is grouped in to seven divisions.

The ordinary years and leap year are separately shown. To find a year above 700 one has to divide the proposed year by 700.

The balance has to be matched with the year chart. To find out the day divide the date by 7 and the balance should be added with the date of the month. He has also allotted numbers for each day and month for easy calculation.

Ramachandran Pillai has already presented this invention to the Government and has also obtained patent rights for the same. He can be contacted at 94432 10138.

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