HLC International School, organised a two-day exhibition to mark the 125 birth anniversary of S. Ramanujan. The students showed how mathematics is connected to other subjects and life itself.

Kindergarten students dwelt on models displaying basic shapes and patterns. Others showed how Fibonacci Series exists in all aspects of life including nature, music and architecture. Children studying in class VI and above independently researched the topics and made simple yet detailed models.

The fifth graders had models on how mathematics impacts literature, for example they showed how sonnets were based on established number patterns.

The show on music dealing with numbers was educational. They explained about ascending and descending notes, the use of Fibonacci series in music and  musical instruments like the keyboard.  

Class VII students invited visitors to delve in the realm of impossibilities. They explored the works of Escher, Picasso and Da Vinci. The students brought to life the celebrated works of Escher such as the Stars Model, the Penrose Staircase and the Waterfall model. 

Class VIII students made a model of the Nalanda University. 

They also explored the forgotten games and enumerated the contributions of greatest mathematicians from India.

Ninth graders explained the connection between mathematics and technology.

Students of classes X, XI and XII put together the life history of Ramanujam and showed the significance of the Fibonacci numbers in every aspect of life. 

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