Poor illumination has led to petty thefts at East Avenue and Central Avenue roads in Korattur, reports T. Madhavan

CHENNAI: Many roads in the city’s western suburbs lack streetlights. The East Avenue and Central Avenue roads in Korattur are cases in point. As a result of poor lighting, incidents of petty crimes were rampant on these roads, said residents.

In 2008, these two roads were widened into 40 feet and a four-lane traffic was enabled in 2011. This necessitated more illumination on the roads as trees obstructed the light from existing lamp-posts on both sides of the roads. “Both these roads, which serve as entry points for Korattur residents travelling from Padi and Ambattur, are unsafe for women after dusk. We have requested the Chennai Corporation to commission lamp-posts in these areas. We also hope the police would intensify their vigil,” said Subramaniam of East Avenue Road.

A bus driver attached to the Metropolitan Transport Corporation said that while driving on these roads, they often had to rely on the headlights of the vehicles, until CTH Road was reached.

Residents of Korattur said that the 800-m stretch of East Avenue with its many residential localities is plunged in darkness after sunset. The 700-metre stretch of Central Avenue was no better, they added.

A resident of 57th Street, R. Vasudevan, said that even motorists felt unsafe on these stretches. “Anti-social elements use the dark stretch to sit and consume alcohol,” he says.

Chennai Corporation officials said orders had been placed for lamps.

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