A Parry’s Corner-based businessman received a jolt when he found an ‘otta kalana’ a Rs. 10 coin in a bunch of coins that he got in exchange for rupee notes at the Reserve Bank of India recently.

M. Syed Ibrahim runs a hotel in Parry’s Corner and regularly goes to the RBI for small change. On Monday, he went to the bank to exchange Rs. 500 for Rs. 10 coins. When he returned home with the pouch of coins, he counted them and then he found that he had a coin without the central part of the coin, indicating the denomination was missing. Mr. Ibrahim says, “They usually give us a bunch of coins in a bag. So when I got this coin, I checked the bottom of the bag to find if the central portion had fallen off. But no such luck,” he said.

This is not the first time that Mr. Ibrahim has had such an experience. Last year, he received a Rs. 5 coin without any imprint on either side. “I returned it and exchanged it from the bank but I don’t understand how it can pass through three checks and yet not be detected,” he said.

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