Environment-conscious S. Puttaswamy has realised his dream of having a home garden. T.S. Atul Swaminathan on Puttaswamy's passion

S. Puttaswamy always loved gardening. When in his early 20’s, he set up a home garden at his Jawahar Nagar residence. Today, he lives amid a green canopy.

“Right from my childhood days, I had a keen interest in environment and gardening. I wanted to be an environmentally responsible person and protect and conserve it. So, the idea of keeping a nice, small and beautiful garden struck me,” said Puttaswamy, Retired Superintendent (Designs), Integral Coach Factory.

In his garden grows commonly used fruits and vegetables including orange, pomegranate, sweet lime, guava, and manilkara zapota, brinjal, bottle gourd, bitter gourd and ridge gourd. You will also find a variety of cactus and croton plants, insulin plants, betel leaves plants, Magnolia champaca flowers and Abrus precatorius.

“Gardening is my favourite pastime. I source the saplings and seeds from New Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur,”

He also has a bio-compost yard in his backyard.

He collects the vegetable leftovers, mixes it with mud and keeps it in the yard covered with leaves, and converts it into an organic manure for his garden.

“One should have the interest, passion and time for setting up a home garden. Though expensive, it is a rewarding experience. It upkeep is the most important aspect,” Puttaswamy adds.

As mitigate the effects of climate change, he says every home should have a garden.

“Next, I have plans to set up a terrace garden. It will help bring down the temperature,” he says.

S. Puttaswamy resides at Old No:16, New No: 31, Jawahar Nagar, Second Main Road. Ph: 94448 83864.

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