The 1963 batch of P.S. High School, Mylapore, convened its golden jubilee reunion on January 27. The day coincided with the 108 celebration of Founder’s Day. In October 2012, Kalayanasundaram, R. Sankaran, Sanjivi, A.V. kannan and T.N. Sankaran, formed a core committee to locate their batch mates.

This team was supported with Ramanujam, Subramanian, Sambamurthy, Santhanam, and Sasisekar. Sampath Parthasarathy, thoracic surgeon from US was also part of the gathering. The gathering had more than 65 batch mates, seven teachers and two sub-staff in service were also invited. Mr. Sanjivi gave the welcome address and Kalyanasundaram detailed the steps taken in bringing together his batch mates. This was followed by honouring teachers of yesteryears. On behalf of this batch of 1963, an amount of Rs.3.5 lakh was donated to the school for the benefit of poor students.

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