Professionals share with Liffy Thomas their experiences from a Rotary study programme to the U.S.

An enlightening trip — That’s how a five-member team describe their recent trip to Chicago. And, it was no ordinary tour. As part of Rotary Club’s Group Study Exchange programme, a month-long cultural and vocational tour to Chicago was organised for a team of four non-Rotarians, aged between 25 and 40. They were led by Satyan Bhatt, former president of Rotary 3230. At Chicago they made vocational visits, presentations at local clubs and participated in cultural and sports events.

A few of the members share their experiences:

Ashwini Natesan, lawyer doing litigation and non-litigation work says, “I got to attend the book launch of the first Supreme Court lady Judge Sandra Day O’Connor. I was on cloud nine when asked to sit beside her on the head table. On the work front, I interacted with a number of ‘title companies’ something that is not followed in the city. I wish to explore an option where greater credibility can be given to customers for property-related transactions.”

Geetha Lakshmi, dental researcher: I was impressed to see an 88-year-old waiting at a dental clinic, that too for a regular check-up. They are well aware of dental hygiene. I visited some five dental clinics and noticed that every visit to a hospital is documented, where the cost of treatment and insurance, among others, is explained.

Karthikeyan, journalist: The greatest learning for me was about punctuality.

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