From providing a wheelchair for a paralysed dog to bottlefeeding a litter of pups, Anand goes the extra mile in helping rescued dogs, says Sriya Narayanan

Anand Krishnan Srinivasan takes on challenges that very few others dare to. The professional dog groomer who is just in his twenties is known to animal welfare circles in Chennai as a hero who turns seemingly hopeless situations into fairytale endings. A few years ago, he and two of his friends rescued a dog that had been paralysed by a hit-and-run driver in Oragadam.

They picked up the dog that had been lying in agony and got him medical treatment. When the veterinarian diagnosed that the handsome mongrel could never use his hind legs again, Anand adopted him, gifted him a custom-made wheelchair cart and named him Remy Martin. Remy is now a healthy, mischievous pet who skates around through his apartment and enjoys the company of Anand’s other pets. These pets include black cats that he adopted as kittens, after seeing that they were shunned or treated badly by people for superstitious reasons.

Anand’s most recent rescue was four times as magical, for it involved a litter of four puppies that he played father figure to - from the time they were newborns. His friends rescued them when they were just a few days old, after hearing that their mother had been run over and killed in an accident. “They were tiny… the size of my palm”, remembers Anand fondly. “And their eyes were still closed”.

He set to work with a feeding bottle and puppy formula, and the hungry pups held on for dear life. For three weeks, Anand continued this process and held his breath, heaving a sigh of relief when they graduated to drinking from a bowl. His greatest reward was watching them blossom from squealing young ones to boisterous, beautiful pups with distinct personalities.

He nicknamed the largest pup Gundu on account of his plump frame and his eagerness to finish his share of solid food and then start nibbling from his siblings’ plates. Gundu’s identical brother is a social butterfly, while the third brother is a shy one that hides when visitors arrive, only to creep out moments later and begin playing hyperactively. The fourth pup is their only sister – she flaunts a black, shiny coat and is nicknamed ‘cartoon’ for the funny faces she makes and her clown-like behaviour. Anand is now all set to relocate to his hometown Mumbai to pursue a career in companion animal care, but is eager to find adoptive homes for the puppies.

“An ideal home is one that will never abandon their pet”, says Anand who adds that it will be a blessing to see them go to homes that will treat them like children and appreciate the unconditional love they give in return.

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