The Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) is all set to restore the Keezhkattalai Lake using scientific methods after taking permission from the Public Works Department (PWD)

Once the lake is completely restored, the aquatic life, birds, and amphibians are expected to thrive.

“The water in the lake is comparatively cleaner, as there is no direct sewer or industrial affluent flowing into it. “Our aim is to reach people residing in and around the lake that includes residents of Kovilambakkam, Keezhkattalai, Nanganallur, Medavakkam, and Pallavaram,” says Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder of EFI.

He further adds, “The need of the hour is an extensive awareness and mass sensitisation campaign on conservation of the water body because it will help in recharging the groundwater, temperature regulation, and bio-diversification. The lake is an important feeder to the Pallikaranai marshland.”

From last August, they managed to remove the garbage from the lake four times with the help of the Pallavaram Municipality.

But, the garbage resurfaces as people keep dumping it repeatedly.

“To put an end to the trash menace, we have planned extensive awareness campaigns, and a complete scientific restoration method to protect the lake. We want to restore the water body once and for all and protect it for all life forms,” says Arun.

The initial process of scientific study for lake restoration is currently under way, which includes identifying botanical and zoological forms.

They are also trying to study the soil pattern and the quality of water in the lake.

“The Public Works Department is encouraging conservation of the lake but it’s the residents of the neighbourhood who should volunteer to protect and safeguard it,” he says.

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